January 13, 2019

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Great Lady of Polish origin

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Great Lady of Polish origin


Helena was born in Krakow's Jewish Ghetto in 1872 and nothing in her early life suggested she was destined to become such a powerful woman. As the eldest in a family with eight daughters, she would have been married off to a rich old widower if her parents had had their way. But Helena had other plans, and at 22 her free-spirited nature drew her away from the family home and over to Australia.

Her mother worried she wouldn't have enough face cream, so she slipped a dozen little pots of it into her departing daughter's luggage.  This was the beginning of Helena's great work...

In Australia, Helena's alabaster complexion and feisty personality instantly appealed to the women and they began asking her for beauty tips. She was a salesgirl in her uncle's grocery shop when she realized her secret knowledge could be a ticket to greater things – maybe even a whole different life.

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